CSR communications & ESG communications

We support private businesses, family foundations, family businesses and family offices with their CSR communications and ESG communications, whether that is securing appropriate and relevant coverage, giving impact data information more presence online through reporting and Annual Reports, or writing press releases.

CSR communications and ESG communications are both key to maintaining a positive reputation with all your stakeholders. Whether it’s ensuring that your ESR and CSR strategy is on the public record through effective reporting or managing the perceptions of important stakeholders, such as customers, employees and stakeholders, communicating your CSR and ESG activities will be critical to your success.

Every organisation has a different CSR strategy and ESG investment priority, and communicating this impact in an effective way will demand a highly bespoke and personalised solution. We support some of the country’s largest family businesses with a multi-generational history of positive Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) work which needs to be adeptly communicated. We also support much smaller, low-profile family offices who are only starting to explore their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials through means such as impact investment and venture philanthropy, and want this communicated in a subtle and careful way.

We also support family foundations who want to ensure that their impact is properly communicated through the press, online and elsewhere, as well as individual entrepreneurs and investors who want to communicate their personal economic and social impact in a powerful way.


Framing the narrative around your CSR strategy and ESG investment

We have decades of experience working with clients to frame the narrative around their CSR strategy and ESG investment activities, finding the right words to communicate their impact. When communicating with different stakeholders, whether it’s the public or investors, it is important to communicate your CSR and ESG work in an impactful way. Bald facts will not cut through. You need to connect your work with the issues that your target audiences feel most strongly about – in a language they understand. For example, the public is currently putting a lot of focus on sustainability and green issues whereas the investment community might be more concerned with BAME and gender representation on your Board.

It is also important that this narrative is not just so-called greenwashing but is supported by the work that you are doing as a business day-to-day basis. Otherwise, you risk finding exposing yourself and your business to a potential CSR scandal or crisis. Finally, having settled on the correct narrative it is important to communicate this to the outside world in an effective way, whether that is through press releases and media engagement, internal communications, or through your own website and Annual Reports. We manage this process for our clients end to end.

Reporting impact effectively through CSR reporting

We have the technical expertise to help businesses, individuals and foundations produce impactful CSR and ESG Annual Reports, putting on the public record their environment and public impact. CSR reporting is critical to stakeholder and investor management. It is not enough to say that you are undertaking CSR activity and making ESG investments. You need to have the evidence to support your communications work and, usually, that means producing regular CSR reports or even a CSR Annual Report.

We work alongside lawyers and accountants to create attractive, mission-driven Annual Reports that show a business or family's impact on an annual or quarterly basis. We have also helped businesses launch real-time impact dashboards, if appropriate. We manage the creation of these impact reports from start to finish, whether it's gathering the impact data, designing the report itself, writing the narrative, and publicising the document, if necessary, after publication.

Managing CSR scandals and ESG controversies

We have the relationships, experience and networks to help business, foundations and individuals manage CSR scandals and ESG controversies in crisis situations. A CSR crisis can damage your corporate and personal reputation over the long-term – not only with your customers but suppliers, investors and the wider media as well. It is critical that you respond quickly. A crisis can be fast-moving, and it’s important to set your defensive line, understand what steps you will be taken as a business or foundation to correct the scandal or misinformation, and start communicating openly and clearly with the media about how the scandal will be resolved in a swift way. Throughout this process, we will take steps to put our clients’ best foot forward, managing and mitigating coverage, and ensuring that our clients’ view is always communicated clearly.

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