Conducting stakeholder mapping

We help private and family businesses, high-net-worth individuals and family offices develop stakeholder maps, assisting with stakeholder identification, stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management.

Stakeholder mapping is the foundation of any successful PR and relationship management strategy. Whether it’s understanding the partners, suppliers and financial stakeholders key to your business or identifying the appropriate regulators, investors and policymakers to engage, creating stakeholders maps will be fundamental to the growth of your business and the success of your career.

Every client needs to engage with a different audience, whether it’s peers, business partners, regulators or investors, so every stakeholder mapping and stakeholder analysis exercise will need to be highly personalised to the individual needs of the client. We support large family businesses who are looking to identify new business partners to help unlock new commercial opportunities as well as family offices who are looking to identify potential target investments and co-investors. We also work with successful individuals who are looking to transition to a new industry and, as a result, are looking to build a map of key stakeholders and other people that they should know in a new industry.


Getting clear on the purpose of stakeholder mapping

We have the experience to guide you on creating stakeholder maps in the most appropriate, worthwhile way. It is essential to get explicitly clear on the objective of any stakeholder mapping exercise, whether that is the identification of new potential business partners, co-investors or investors; stakeholders who may inhibit the growth of the business, or even internal stakeholders within a business who may be important for communicating messages. You should not just create a stakeholder map just for the sake of it. It is important to put to paper how the stakeholder map will be leveraged after its creation as this will guide you on the type of organisations and individuals that you will identify through this process.

Conducting the research to create stakeholder maps

We have the technical ability and competency to create extensive, well-research stakeholder maps. We are adept at all stakeholder mapping techniques, identifying primary stakeholders, secondary stakeholders, internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. A stakeholder map is only as good as the research that goes into its creation, so it is critical to leave no stone unturned in the process of creating the stakeholder map, especially in the stakeholder identification process. This will often mean leveraging not only human-led research but using big data tools, media analytics and social media analysis to identify all the potential decision-makers within an audience. Extensive stakeholder analysis is key at this stage. The result should be an extensive document which is not only interesting but contains immediately practically useful information, such as revealing routes to communicate with and influence stakeholders, whether that's political stakeholdersfinancial stakeholders or otherwise.

Leveraging stakeholder maps for influence

We have decades of experience not only creating stakeholder maps but turning them into hands-on stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management strategies. It is important to not only see a stakeholder map as a static document but as a blueprint to advance your personal and business interests. Stakeholder maps may pave the way to a PR and media strategy, suggest PR and media campaigns, point towards the guestlist for events, as well as other activities. We work alongside all of our clients to extract the most business and personal value out of stakeholder mapping processes.

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