Announcing a new investment

We support entrepreneurs, family businesses, venture capitalists, and private businesses through the communications and PR challenges of new business investments, whether that’s writing a press release, securing follow-on deal flow, and talking to the local, investment and national press.

Investing in a business, whether a big player or an emerging start-up, is an exciting time, and PR and communications will essential to your investment success. Whether it's leveraging the investment to build the credibility of the start-up; using the opportunity to reposition yourself as an angel investor, venture capitalist or private equity player; or generate more deal flow, PR and media will be fundamental to advancing your interests.

Every investor has different challenges, and every situation will demand a bespoke solution. We represent some of the most high-profile and prolific start-up angel investors in the world, whose every movement is scrutinised by the press. At the same time, we work with low-profile, private equity investors who have never been exposed to media in the past but know that it will be critical to their success.


Securing appropriate coverage of the business investment

We have the relationships and networks to generate the right type of coverage for your venture capital, angel investment and private equity activity, ensuring that the resulting coverage not only enhances the corporate credibility of the target business but showcases your own personal and corporate profile in the right way. We also work with many individuals who want to limit the amount of coverage that they receive. It is critical to have a compelling and thought-through narrative when announcing new investments, showcasing how both the target company and investor will benefit from the deal, creating a strong partnership and stronger business. These announcements say a lot about the credibility and ambitions of the investor.

Generating deal flow for future investments

We have the experience to ensure that a single investment is not only communicated in the right way but gets in front of the right eyes to generate further high-quality deal flow, whether that is from peers, co-investors, or other target companies. It is essential that your investments are leveraged in the right way to position you as a credible, experienced and expert investor, enhancing your reputation for future deals, giving yourself the competitive edge in oversubscribed investment rounds, or putting yourself first in line for off-market opportunities.

Mitigating reputational risks that come from business investment

We have the hands-on expertise to help you navigate the risks that come with business investment. While private equity and venture capital can be exciting, it will almost always come with reputational risks. On one hand, vested interests may seek to characterise the investment as opportunistic or even vulture-like. On the other hand, if the investment may lead to a restructuring of the business and potential job losses, it could trigger a backlash against you on social media and elsewhere. It is essential for investors to put in place reputation monitoring throughout these processes to spot risks ahead of time and close them down.

How can we help?

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