Announcing a company sale

We support entrepreneurs, family businesses, and private businesses through the communications, PR and media challenges of company sales and business disposal processes, whether that’s writing a press release, managing the narrative around the sale, or talking to the local and national press

Selling your business can be an emotional and stressful time, and effective communications and PR will be critical to your success. Whether it’s ensuring that the sale is seen as a personal success rather than a distressed asset sale, alleviating the concerns of any business partners and employees, or controlling the narrative around the sale, PR and media will be essential for a smooth and orderly sales process.

No business sale is the same, and every situation demands a bespoke, highly personalised solution. We have supported some of the country’s most prominent first-generation entrepreneurs on the high-profile, successful sale of their businesses. We also support smaller, less well-known start-ups who want to use the sales process as an opportunity to enhance their reputation and credentials. Equally, we have supported entrepreneurs through a stressful crisis situation, where it is essential to ensure that press coverage around a business disposal is managed and, where possible, mitigated.


Communicating your business sale narrative

We have decades of hands-on experience working with clients to construct compelling and strategic narratives to explain the business sale, whether that’s to power the future growth of the company or, potentially, pass it over to new management. It is critical that you have a clear and focussed narrative to explain the sale, not only to the public and media but the local community, employees, financial institutions and other stakeholders. It is important to communicate the sale in a language that you recognise, rather than let the news leak out in a less controlled and orderly way.

Speaking with the media during a sales process

We have the relationships and expertise to field all media enquiries throughout the sales process, from generating interest through to the potential final sale of the company. In some cases, this press engagement may only take place at the local and trade press level, ensuring that the coverage is positive, accurate and framed in the right way. In other cases, it may be necessary to engage with the national press to generate inbound interest or because the company is especially notable.

Mitigating any negative coverage of a disposal

We have decades of experience helping clients navigate challenging and hostile media coverage. The disposal of a business or asset may trigger a wave of negative coverage. On one hand, the sale may be misperceived as a distressed process and even lead to speculation about a potential administration, leading to lasting reputation damage to you and your business. On the other hand, if the sale may be associated with job losses, it could generate criticism for employees, suppliers and others on social media and elsewhere. It is essential that companies put in place robust media and social media monitoring throughout the business sale process.

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