jordan greenaway

Our Managing Director is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and ensures that it never loses touch with its founding principles.

Jordan Greenaway founded Transmission Private in 2014, recognising the unique communications needs of private clients. He felt that while there were options for businesses to manage their reputations, the same service did not exist for individuals.

He also believed that many of the communications agencies that supported individuals were much too focused on securing coverage and raising their clients’ profiles. Instead, he believed that many individual’s required an agency that would manage their image in a subtle, light-touch and sophisticated way.

Since founding, Jordan has worked with individuals and their families across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, and has built a reputation for his sensitivity, discretion and high level of service.

Acting as their media advisor, Jordan has supported the founder of one of the largest private equity firms in New York; one of the UK’s most prominent political donors, and the chief executive of one of the largest telecoms companies in the Middle East, amongst others. He recognises all successful individuals and their families, regardless of their business, require media advice.

Prior to his work in communications, Jordan was an advisor to a Conservative Shadow Minister for Science and Technology, and supported a number of governmental and parliamentary organisations on the development of science, space and technology policy.

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