our principles

  • Everyone has the right to privacy
  • Media coverage should be fair, balanced and representative
  • Personal lives and families should be protected
  • Confidentiality, discretion, respect and ethical practice are paramount
  • Media coverage is not always a good thing, but is sometimes necessary

Transmission Private is a specialist media advisory practice that works exclusively with private clients and their families. Based in London, but operating globally, we have developed a reputation for discretion, confidentially and meticulous media advice.

We work with individuals who attract a certain degree of natural media interest and want to ensure that press attention is managed and, crucially, does not spill over into their personal, private and family lives.

We are also experts at managing, handling and mitigating reputational crises, using tried-and-tested strategies as well as our deep networks to ensure that media coverage is balanced, fair, representative and puts your best foot forward in all circumstances.

We work at the very highest levels of the media, and our private clients include chief executives, investors, entrepreneurs, families and politicians. However, all our clients and their needs are different, and we adapt our approach and methods accordingly.

We think long term, act as advisors and take the time required to understand our clients, their ethos, passions, interests and needs. We work in partnership to develop effective, bespoke solutions to their media and communications challenges, and see them through to successful completion.

Many services promise personal attention, but cannot deliver. They are too big, too leveraged, too stretched and too keen to add new clients. We are purposely and unashamedly low-profile for just this reason.

We do not believe it is ethical or sensible to promise a personal service and then be unable to deliver it. Personal relationships are too important to be talked of lightly. The company is led by Jordan Greenaway.

St Paul's Cathedral, London / Samuel Zeller